About Us

YALCIN AKU was founded in 1984 in Ankara and specilizes in the manufacturing, development, sales and after selling service of YALCIN AKU brand lead-acid batteries.

YALCIN AKU started his way mainly in Starter batteries but by the ongoing years with both customer demands for new technoly at the same quality and our new attempts presentation for better service, we expanded our product wide with industrial batteries. In our production facility in Kırıkkale Organized Industry Field, today there is production and searching&development of both starter and industrial batteries.

About the production, the basis of custumer satisfaction rooted to qualification and YALCIN AKU maintains its principle that never contromise from quality with the cerficates of TSE(Turkish Satandardization Institute), ISO 9001 and CE (Certification of Europe). On the other hand, with the qualificated staff, experts and day by day increasing staff members, it promotes its reability.

YALCIN, GOLD, PLUSPOWER, POWERFUL and SAFIR are the brands of YALCIN AKU and in both domestic and overseas fields. They have wide customer potential in working fields.

“Friendly Power” perception is both friend of enviroment and customer and this conception always thinks of you firstly. It contributes to YALCIN AKU’s conception that working in details and being leader in the battery sector.